Buyers & Sellers
The Buying Process
The Selling Process

Mardi believes that it is important—in the buying— that a buyer take the time to interview prosepctive

agents before comitting to one.  After all, it is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.


To ensure you find the home that's right for you, Mardi will:


• meet with you at one of her offices: Meet at 1749 Woodward or 5500 Main Street, Manotick.

• Take you through the qualification process: Financial capabilities, needs and desires in a home

• Provide you a copy of "How to Buy Your Home" a step-by-step guide for home buyers. Great for

    first time buyers. It takes the anxiousness away when it comes time to take the next step:

• Provide you with a copy of CMHC's comprehensive booklet;

• Take you on a tour of the city and/or the area in which you wish to live;

• Provide you with an overview of market conditions, both past and present;

• Take you through the offer process before it's time to purchase;

• Provide you with the names of the best-in-the-business mortgage people;

• Provide you with the names of qualified inspection engineers;


Once you are completely comfortable, we will begin the viewing process to find you the right home.

In a fast moving market, it is important to be aware of as much information as possible prior to viewing,

in order to be fully prepared in the event of competition.

The Buying Process

To assist you in the sale of your home, Mardi will:


• View your home;

• Provide you with a comprehensive colour Comparable Market Evaluation Package;

• Provide you a copy of the "How to Sell Your Home" book that will give you all

    of the information; you need to prepare your home for sale;

• Go through your home and give you "low cost" ideas to obtain the highest price

    possible and provide you with the name of professionals that can assist you

    in doing the work;

• Provide you with colour feature sheets and indoor pictures for the internet;

• Advertising in all of the top publications, "Homes & Land" Real Estate Book,

    "The Ottawa Citizen"  Internet Exposure, and "Virtual Tour"

• Provide weekly progress report;

• Always accessible;

My Guarantee is to work consistently to get your home sold, always keeping you

informed of market conditions, sales and new listings in your area.



The Selling Process